a few words from the artist herself

Phew! Puffing uphill in the Highlands

"I have been working as a professional artist for several years in the Highlands - the landscapes, vagaries of the weather and general rural life in the area provide constant inspiration!

"I paint in a fairly contemporary style, sometimes edging towards the abstract, but I hope with a certain amount of representation also.

"I work, often on a large scale, from memories of places and images seen and enjoyed in passing, frequently drawn together into one painting but generally will revert to a more traditional style of painting for individual comissions.

"Included on my website are many images but by no means the complete collection! I have included sufficient to show an overall impression of my work rather than a comprehensive display.

"I have original paintings and high quality representations in many parts of the world including Canada, USA, Australia, Indonesia, New Zealand and many European countries.

"I have had many solo exhibitions and exhibit regularly at a number of galleries, mainly here in the Highlands but occasionally in the central belt."


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